Stu Kerrn

I have a friend in Germany that sent me your web site by e-mail. He mainly wanted me to look at the Puffer by Dave Milburn. I looked at most of your web page and found it downloaded quickly on my slow connection and was fun and informative.

My German friend sent me this site because I am currently scratch building a 15 /12 inch Puffer. I like Puffers for the same reason Dave stated no rules. I build work boats and I am a member of the St.; Louis
Admirals in the U.S.A. If you want go to Http:// and look at fleet and winners to see some of my boats .I have won work boat class four years in a row, three with kits and one with a scratch built side wheeler.

I learned to build from Marine Modlling books I purchased that were over 20 years old, I also use Model Shipright books from 1973 on for reference. I build in what I call the British fashion using methods not
used in my country. I have been building for four years. My last years winner was a Model Slipways Envoy that is highly modified because the kit was made for steam or electric. I hand planked the decks and didn't want to cut them in two pieces like the kit instructions. I also fly the German national flag because when I asked Model Slipway for help, little was offered but my German friend was very helpful.

Phil Scales in the U.K. he is a quality builder that helped greatly with the IMARA. My two favorite models are my IMARA and the LORY J.. My Puffer is also highly detailed and has about 100 pieces in the upper cabin, scratch built prop, hull and the cargo hold has a removable canvas cover or can be removed in one piece like Dave's it is close to completion but not yet..

I hope I haven't bored you. - (Not all all, very interesting, thanks - Mayhem)
St. Louis Admiral
Stu Kerrn