Tom Carroll - Long Island, NY

This my model of the ORCA - the famous boat from the film JAWS.

My Orca is 36"x10" and except for the hull, is entirely built from scratch. The hull was constructed from bits and pieces from a Midwest Boothbay Lobster boat kit. The boat is radio controlled and has barrels which can be towed to give the illusion that a shark is following close behind. I am in the process of installing sound and dialogue from the film.

I kit bashed a Midwest Boothbay Lobster boat kit, which was a good choice because my research showed that the Orca originally named the Warlock was based on a lobster boat hull.  The figures were purchased at Toys R Us, and were from the Star Wars Movies. I reshaped them slightly with a Dremel drill and painted them to match the colours of the clothing worn in the movie.

The mast and rigging is made of aluminium tubing and cable wire.  The shark cage was made out of rectangular and round hollow aluminium stock, fitted together and super glued. The 'chum' ( fish scraps used as bait )bucket is a 35mm plastic film canister. The chum consists of bits of string, bb's, shredded closed cell foam, and my wife's worst 'blood red' nail polish.  The teeth are from my pet piranha, which died a year ago. They were a perfect size for this project.!!! The barrels are made from 1 1/2 inch dowel, cut to size, and shaped on a primitive lathe (screwed into the end of a drill and held against a power sander).

The vertical planks on the boat consist of styrene sheeting.  The boat is finished in Floquil-grime (colour). The two oxygen caps were made from Sharpie marker caps.  The interior is complete with radio, Coleman stove, table/bench, and even baseball bat.

She runs great on the water and weighs about 12 pounds.  The boat is powered by a 6-volt Dumas motor, direct drive, 7.2 volt battery, and has a run  time of over 1 hour.  All compartments are modular and removable.

Other boats in my fleet are....

Snowberry, a  Flower class corvette. She was constructed from the popular 1:72 scale Revel plastic kit.
(was originally a matchbox kit). She is 32" long By 7" wide and powered by a direct drive Dumas 6 volt motor. The aft deck is sealed, the forward deck is removable. There is what looks like a rain gutter that supports the forward deck and drains off any water down through pipes onto the aft deck and out the aft scupper holes. She is built to handle the roughest north Atlantic storms the local lake can throw at her. I ballasted her for these conditions. The snowberry is also heavily weathered using acrylic artist oils, homemade rust and powdered dirt. Donald duck was the ships mascot and can be seen on the fwd turret.


The U.S Coast Guard 47 M.L.B is a all wood kit from Midwest. It is 30" x8" and is a fast and beautiful boat on the water. It took a very long time to achieve the smooth finish on the hull.