Tony King

Have just finished browsing your site and enjoyed every page well laid out and easy to navigate.
Am very impressed with some of the models in the gallery and thought you might have a passing interest in my attempt.

Its three mast gaff rigged bark " Fiddlers Green " L. 59" B. 10" H.44" .
Scratch built about fifteen years ago. I scaled it up from a little book called the "lore of sail "

The hull was carved out of polystyrene foam then wrapped in kitchen foil and given a fibreglass skin so its virtually unsinkable. To keep the cost down I made almost all the working parts myself including the sail winch.

Its recently had almost a complete rebuild due to it being stored in a lockup that unknown to me had a leak in the roof, and guess what was directly underneath, (you guessed it.)
The radio is an old Futaba 5 channel set of which I use 3 -sails, rudder, and lights.
She's a very well balanced boat and can be steered on sails alone weather permitting.
In light winds she tacks quite well but in the strong stuff I have to bring her about ( I'm still working on this). I am at the moment working on a tug to retrieve her if needed.
Anyway, that's it I hope that wasn't to painful.

Tony King.
(pics below , yes that me peeking through the sails)