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Great site !!!!!!!!!!!

My father builds a lot of scratch built R/C models all based on real Ships, among which he has built a model of Gt Yarmouth port authority tug "Hector Read". I am sure my father would not object if I forwarded some pics......... if your interested. This link might also be of interest

I often enjoy a read of model boat and it was a few months ago when I re-discovered the 2003 September issue, I was inspired to have a go at constructing my very own US Army Bell SK5 7255 Model

A little further down the line now and I have managed to squeeze in a few pockets of time here and there to put together a CAD model from which to derive my plan.

I have used source material from Chris's article and Bell SK5 plan from MB's online shop and various photos from all over the web and things are proceeding well (if a bit slowly).

However I am having trouble tracking down a supplier for the scale .50 Calibre M2 Browning machine guns Chris mentioned in his article, perhaps suggest a supplier.

Will Lockwood
P.S. please find attached some images of my finished virtual computer CAD model, out on patrol and a couple of photos of the real thing



Hi Martin

Happy new year !!
Hope you had a great Christmas and now are the proud owner of lots of anchor patterned socks !

Any way here's a quick update :-

Since my last e-mail I have been busy knocking out hovercraft designs which my father has been putting together, now he has retired he has plenty of time to do my bidding !

By the time I retire I'm sure the EU will have banned model making altogether !

Any way, please find attached some photo's of the now completed Bell SK5 hovercraft and an SRN 6 !

I am currently working on a 'fictionary' hovercraft design inspired by the Swedish Navy stealth Ship the Visby Class Corvette - See link below (do you know any one who has built one). The design is based on Wemotec electric ducted fan units (EDF), each have an internal diameter of about 70mm to give you an idea of scale, the hull will be about 500mm W x 850mm L and given the SRN 6's performance should run very well on Tarmac, Water, Ice, Grass and Sand.

While the pervious scale models used air rudders as control surface, direction and thrust of this stealth craft or "Sabre" as I have named it, will be entirely from the two large EDF units controlled through a "V" tail
mixer (which can be used to mix channel outputs - typically used in model aircraft)

Please find attached some 3D computer images illustrating the concept.

On the subject of the Visby Class Corvette, have you come across any one who might know or possibly even have scaled drawings of the craft - I have contacted Kockums directly but as yet no joy (I would love to build one to go with my Sabre).

Swedish Boat Builder -

EDF manufacturer -

Any bye for now I'll keep you posted with progress !
Best Wishes, Will Lockwood