Simon Beament

Remember that project I promised to let you know about Martin. Well he she is, started in April 2005 and built from the original architects plans, courtesy of Greenwich National Maritime Museum and a few trips to Hendon.

1/12 scale model of the Vosper RAF Rescue Target Towing Launch

Original plans converted to metric via cad and then sent to a cnc machine

14 bulkheads and keel formed out of 9mm marine ply built up in the garage, the house is not big enough (68 inches long and 18 inches wide) prop tubes made by a company in Scotland, look great.

2 torpedo motors and 50mm brass 4 blade props
2 speed controllers
2 lead acid 12 volt batteries (estimated 1 hour running time)
Working exhaust tubes (smoke machines to be added at a later date
Planked sides and had to rebuild the bow twice (nightmare)
Partly completed planked deck (I have used all of the stock from 2 local model shops 211 ft of planking so far)

She had her maiden voyage yesterday at a local boating lake to my parents (Stanborough)

Back to the drawing board on the props/motors/batteries etc. she's a bit slow and the bow does not lift enough for a scale effect Maybe 3 blades or torpedo 850?

Pictures enclosed for your perusal/website
If your readers want to have a go I still have the dxf files (to fund the rest of the boat)

Must be mad, wife has not seen me for 6 months!