Geoff Jones - My Reua Hang Yao (Long Tail Boat)

Hi Martin,

This is my Reua Hang Yao (Long Tail Boat).
On my first visit to Thailand, Long Tails were just part of the scenery but on my second visit I fell in love with them and decided that a RC model just had to be made.
When I returned home I contacted model shops in the UK and Asia to get hold of some plans, but none were available. So based on my memory, photos I had taken and the dimensions for the length, Beam, Depth and Draught of a full size boat I found on an internet site I created a set and built one.
The attached photos show the results of my efforts.
If I was to build another one there are a few changes to sizes that need to be made to remove some scale effect issues, but over all I am very pleased with how it looks and performs on the water.
Geoff Jones. (The Red Dragon).