Jerry Newcomb

Schooner Yacht "America"

Here are the pics of my new builds. I'll send them in two emails, Here's a little info on the America.

The Schooner Yacht "America" came into being as the result of the desire of  several prominent New York yachtsmen to own a vessel that would prove to be  faster than any similar craft in existence at that time. George Steers, a young naval architect, who had designed several successful boats, prepared the plans and supervised the construction of the vessel. Her launching took place on May 3, 1851. Her form showed a fine concave entrance, long clean run, and low freeboard. Within a month , "America" had sailed to Europe, making the crossing  in the record time of 20 days and 12 hours, despite almost 4 days of calm. Her arrival in England caused a great sensation among the local yachtsmen. The first race in which "America" participated was for a cup offered by the Royal Yacht Club.A course was laid out over the Isle of Wight, a distance of about 61 miles. There were 17 consistence in all, the smallest a cutter of 17 tons, the largest a three masted schooner of 390 tons. Despite a very bad start "America" quickly gained a huge lead which she held throughout the race. Such is a brief description of the winning of the  trophy commonly known as the "America's Cup."



"Miss Adventure"


In the early 1930's, the flyer 91 Cubic Inch Class Racing Hydroplane Series was introduced as the smallest of the inboard hydroplane racing classes. At only thirteen and a half feet long ,the flyer could keep up with boats much  larger. Capable of speeds over 45MPH,these boats were the perfect combination of speed, looks and control. Powered by a Grey Blue Streak Jr.91.5 cubic inch engine, the flyer cut every corner of their class restrictions with a finished weight of just over 600 lbs. This boat was designed to move, and found favour with the general public as a fast runabout. Imagine yourself cruising the lakes in one of these all mahogany masterpieces!

Miss Adventure represents one of the many Flyer Class race boats built  throughout the US. The original craft was designed by Bruce N. Crandall