My Dickie Tug is now the Seaport Work Boat by RCJo
Kim Tomlinson (and Dad)

Hi Mayhem
The Dickie Tug is now the Seaport Work Boat by RCJo, I have converted one and My Father the other. I have included below a little right up and some pictures, if you are able and willing to add to your Dickie Tug pages.

I bought my Seaport Workboat (Which is a repackaged Dickie Tug) off the e-bay site closely followed by a second for my Dad, they were only £19.99 each, and even the postage was reduced because they were sent together.

We wanted a pair of low cost tugs, quick to get to water for a Tug Towing competition at our local boat club and I had seen on the Mayhem site the Dickie conversions, so when the Seaport came up we got them. When they came out of the box they did look a little toy-ish and of course had the built in radio gear, they were quickly stripped down and the radio conversion covered on the Mayhem site installed.

Next we looked at photos on the net to find a different prototype to base the models on and found some workboats with red hulls and we picked those for the theme of our models, most of the tyres, railings, working hose and the dingy were thrown away.

The rear towing winch was too far back for use in the Tug Towing competition so it was moved forward up to the bulkhead. New improved railings, ropes, working radar, navigation and towing lights were fitted. Also a more detailed bridge interior.

They were now painted in the red hull scheme and a new waterline painted as they sit a little lower in the water due to the new layout, radio and 2 X 6v 4.5Ahr cells. Then both were weathered.

They both sail and manoeuvre very well almost turning in there own length and have run for over 4 hours with plenty of power left, in the competition they performed well. We look forward to entering more Tug Tow Comps. and regatta’s

Kim Tomlinson (and Dad)


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