Dickie Harbour Tug   by JULIO

Hello Mayhem,

This is Julio again ( see Julio's other boats here ), I've also bought and started the changes on a Dickie tug boat, I'm sending you some photos, as you can see I used part of the old servo motor to fit the new servo motor, it works great.

Also just to tell you that I finished improving the Dickie tug boat, it works great, but I'm only waiting for winter to end, so I can go to a pond near by so I can run it on the water. I thought to buy a tree channel receiver, but it is too late for that, with the third channel it is possible to run the water pump. But what I'm thinking is to use a reed switch with a magnet on the servo arm and make it run the pump at a certain position, this is almost what you were trying to do with the other type of switch, the reed switch does not touch anything so you can place it anywhere you want.

Have a good weekend.


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