Hi all,

In a wild moment I bought one of these RNLI approved RC Lifeboats, is a near scale 'Seven' type.
I had seen them around for a while on the internet but couldn't find a review of one any where will here's one now!
It's not great, a bit of a toy, "bang, bang" steering, a bit 'non-scale' & very 'plasticy' -
but where else are you going to get a stand off scale, ready to run, acceptable lifeboat with batteries for 50 Quid!!! -  (50 GBP )

A few video clips at the bottom of the page.
                                                                                                                                                                                            Regards, Martin. ;-)


Lifeboat01.JPG Lifeboat02.JPG Lifeboat03.JPG Lifeboat04.JPG Lifeboat05.JPG
Lifeboat06.JPG Lifeboat07.JPG Lifeboat08.JPG Lifeboat09.JPG Lifeboat10.JPG
Lifeboat11.JPG Lifeboat12.JPG Lifeboat13.JPG Lifeboat14.JPG Lifeboat15.JPG
Lifeboat16.JPG Lifeboat17.JPG Lifeboat18.JPG Lifeboat19.JPG Lifeboat20.JPG
Lifeboat21.JPG Lifeboat22.JPG Lifeboat23.JPG Lifeboat24.JPG Lifeboat25.JPG
Lifeboat26.JPG Lifeboat27.JPG Lifeboat28.JPG Lifeboat29.JPG Lifeboat30.JPG
Lifeboat31.JPG Lifeboat32.JPG Lifeboat33.JPG Lifeboat34.JPG Lifeboat35.JPG
Lifeboat36.JPG Lifeboat37.JPG Lifeboat38.JPG Lifeboat39.JPG Lifeboat40.JPG
Lifeboat41.JPG Lifeboat42.JPG Lifeboat43.JPG Lifeboat44.JPG  
On the water 1
2.2 Meg

On the water 2
5.2 Meg

On the water 3
3.2 Meg