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Hi Martin

I have attached a couple of boat photo's which may be of interest for your web site.

The boat is called Sohar and was built in 1980 as a replica of a traditional Arab dhow that traded from Oman to China, many centuries ago. This particular dhow was I believe, built for the British Explorer Tim Severin, who sailed it from Oman to China in 1980/81.

Sohar now sits in the middle of a traffic island, just outside the superb Al Bustan Palace Hotel in Muscat, Oman, where my wife and I have just been for a winter sun holiday.

Despite it's odd location, Sohar seems to be well maintained and sits in  a shallow lake, with fountain's giving the effect of movement, but it's a sad end for such a fine boat! There is a plaque on the site which
gives some details of the boats construction and voyage, but it makes no  mention of Tim Severin. I shall have to get a copy of his book and read up on it!

I did manage to get a 1:1 scale sail in one of the hotel's Laser sailing  dinghies, so can now say I have sailed in the Gulf of Oman!

Hope it's of interest?

Victor Swanwick


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