Photo  of  the  month  -  July   2008 

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‘….I promised to post some picture of Baltic AIR one of the RNLI  ex life boats I delivered just before I had my strokes. She's a Watson 45 foot and is self righting' 12.6 beam very heavy wood construction with 2 Garndner 5lw engines which I took from Norfolk on English east coast to her old stomping ground Boscomb where she was the life boat for many years we moored alongside a British war ship and the current life boat in Dover one night after being invited to spend a pleasant(free)evening there on the leg from Dover to Southampton she broke down just outside Brighton marina when I alternator regulator fried 8 of her batteries while overcharging. but as the on duty engineer I finally got to work on her. she was back at sea within 2 weeks and we completed out journey to Southampton. She regularly gets invited to festivals and already has some for 2008but not with me unfortunately.

 Thank you Roy aka MTB’

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