Photo  of  the  Month  - October 2012

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Hi Martin
I'm sure you've been inundated with photos of Snowberry, however please find attached a photo of my version for your photo of the month?  This model is something of a learning exercise for me,  I've always wanted to scratch build a model  warship, but rather than set off trying something too ambitious  I thought I would start with Snowberry and see how it went. Must admit I'm quite pleased with the result, just don't ask me what is wrong with it or what I would do differently, I could  go on for hours. However the final result warts and all, sails really well, and always seems to impress other people at my local boating pond?

Completing this model has definitely given me the confidence to move onto the model that I really want build, which will be a scratch built version of the county class destroyer Devonshire.
Jon P

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