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Well a boring  3 1/2 hour trek "up North" took me to the long awaited Ellesmere Model Boat Show.

It was a "new" show and after a lot of pondering and postulating the great day arrived. Would the show live up to the hype? Would everybody that promised to be there arrive? Would...... yeah, yeah yeah! Show us the pictures!

Well my personal favourite boat of the show ... was two boats! They are a couple of boats by K. Pavall ( Keith.. Kev... am I close? ) The boats are part of a, what I'm going to call, "the Audacity Fleet!" Ken... Karl.... has made the boats from normal matchstick..... that right common and garden, 'strike a light' matches. I mean, how rude is that?!?!? I can't build that good even if was completed and sent to me in a box!! The finish is quite stunning and if Konroy,.... Kaleb....had painted the boats, no one would be able to tell the construction method!

EPIC-247.JPG     EPIC-256.JPG

Everything is made of matches, hull, deck, superstructure, deck fittings, the crew, even the electronics and motor.... well maybe not but it is full functional.... with amazing built in buoyancy!!

Here's a picture of ...Kane.... with possibly the cheapest model boat kit in the world!




Other outstanding boats were.......

John Dowd's massive Schooner

A Giant SMIT Rotterdam

Royal Iris

CENTAUR by Stan Amos


St COLUMBA by B. Scott

... and the multi award winning...
Mike Knowles

Well done to Marc, Mark, Marke...... and everyone else
( that I've forgotten to make a note of their names )
involved in putting on a Great Show.