Midlands Model Engineering Exhibition -Donnington - Oct 2004
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This is Jimmy Wood's CSO SEAWELL
The model is actuate in every detail even down to the black & yellow bands around the handrails!!
I asked Jimmy, a retired chemical engineer, 'why this model!',
"Because it looked very hard... and it didn't disappoint!!!"
It took 3,000 hours over 3 years and every single part is scratch made.
Jimmy has 7 more just like it at home !?!?!?!?!
The photos don't in any way do this model justice, sorry Jimmy.
Seawell001.JPG Seawell002.JPG Seawell003.JPG Seawell004.JPG Seawell005.JPG
Seawell006.JPG Seawell007.JPG Seawell008.JPG Seawell009.JPG Seawell010.JPG
Seawell011.JPG Seawell012.JPG Seawell013.JPG Seawell014.JPG Seawell015.JPG
Seawell016.JPG Seawell017.JPG Seawell018.JPG Seawell019.JPG Seawell020.JPG
Seawell021.JPG Seawell022.JPG Seawell023.JPG Seawell024.JPG Seawell025.JPG