Foss Cup - North West Washington / Burnaby Regatta - Vancouver, BC


Here are photos of two events recently held in August. The Foss Cup is primarily a tug towing/salvage event - approximately 30 boats competed this year - the event was supposed to be at a campground but due to weeds had to be shifted at the last minute to another lake approximately 40 miles south. A bit of a shock to arrive at 9am to find no boats, no tents, no people but a well drawn map and down the freeway to a great location and another fun day. The fellows on the barges being towed around were from two separate television networks filming this event - no one turned on their water cannons!

There are also some photos from the Burnaby Regatta held the following day up at Burnaby ( but Martin has mixed them all up for reasons known only to himself! ).

Michael E. Claxton

Vancouver01.jpg Vancouver02.jpg Vancouver03.jpg Vancouver04.jpg Vancouver05.jpg Vancouver06.jpg Vancouver07.jpg
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