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Did you get to  the show?

The show had a lot to live up to from last year and I must say I thought it was even better than last year! This year was the 20th anniversary of the Wings & Wheels Model  spectacular and there were many new features, exhibitors, pilots & displays than there usually was. Weather? Man it was HOT, not just hot, I meant hot, hot, hot! .... for some reason the beer (bar) tent was very popular?!?!

I was fortunate enough to get to both days  of the show and I'm sure I didn't see everything! The flight line was very impressive from vintage to multi-engined to Pattern ships to jets and massive electrics. But enough of all that plane stuff - BOATS is what I went for !

The big boat tent was fronted by the large and very blue boat pool. there was always something on the water and usually 4 or 5 at a time. There was a big timetable sheet with all the available and booked time slots, dutifully manned and organised by the the Leighton Buzzard MBC, well done guys! I spent quite a bit of time by the pool chatting to the modellers, who I love chatting with. We all have a story to tell about our models, the most popular stories are ( by straw pole ), 1.It looked hard, 2. No one else has got one. 3, My dad served on her, 4.I saw the box in the shop. & 5. I bought it off eBay!

Anyway, as usual, I learn quite a few things from my conversations ( thanks to those that gave me the "time of day" much appreciated. One bloke even went into the use of Brushless Motors in model boat.... very interesting..... unfortunately, way above my head and too much information to comprehend in a single go ( if you recognize yourself here sir - PLEASE email me! ).

There was also a well thought out kids / try your hand boat pool with indestructible boats provided and the cutest chrome teapot timers! It's great to see the kids having a go and slowly realising it's not some Xbox or Playstation thing, this is real and much better.... no restart button, you have to do it for real! It's also great fun to see the dads saying, "Here let me show you!" and then proceed to do much worse!



It was a real hot and sunny day so the Yachts looked wonderful in the very bright sunshine and the very light breeze suited them very well indeed. More pictures in the gallery.

Inside the tent there was a host of fully stocked tables with some wonderful works of art! Lets see, there was:

  Leighton Buzzard MBC.
Southend Model Power Boat Club.
Moorhen MBC.
Gipping Valley ( Suffolk ) MBC
Brightlingsea MBC
Association of Model Barge Owners (AMBO)
Vintage Model Workshop Club
Hertford & District Modelling Society
(I think that's everybody...!)

There must have been, going on for a hundred boats in the tent of all shapes, sizes, types and subject so it would be wrong to pick out my own personal 'best boats of the show' ..... but hey, this is my review!

My favourite boats of the some were John Davidson's giant scratch built MOORCOCK tug. Quite an achievement, just the right amount of added detail and a wonderful finish.




John Davidson also had another large tug alongside, the SUN XV again executed exquisitely.


Other outstanding boats for me were GALE WIND by Roy Malone

A model I hadn't seen model before but featured in (Marine Modelling magazine) was Farmont

In contrast a very popular kit, the Robbe U47 but an object lesson on how this kit should be put together!

 All in all, another great show. Lots to see, lots of people to talk to, lots to buy. My feet are still sore from all the walking up and down the flight line.... and going both days!

 Get to the next show if you can, highly recommended.
Martin - Mayhem