Ardingly Steam Rally - 2007



Hello Martin,

The Ardingly steam rally was really good, not quite up to previous years, this was due to the previous months rain. The weather on the day was Sunny, a perfect temperature to walk around the show. But the main arena was not being used due to it being too soft for the displays to run round on… seemed ok to me. The beer tent was it’s usual wonderful self, CAMRA run it, there must have been 30+ bitters J, spent a little time in there…. The model and boat sections were well supported. In fact there was a really good turn out of boats, which you can see from the photos, guess which one was my favourite. The only thing that let the boats down was the pond, usually there is a really good size one, which is nearly twice the size, not sure what happen there… shame. This show is well worth going to not just for the boats but all the other attractions. It takes quite an effort to see everything there in a day!

 Look it up next year and go…

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