Merstham steam show 2007

Here is my thoughts on the Merstham steam show… sad to say politics or is it bolotics that’s politics that are b*ll*cks have got in. !!!

Well, the last time I went to this show was two years ago, and sad to say the pool was worse then, but the number of boats was better. It seems that there were only 30% of the boats from previous years. After speaking to a number of people this mainly seems to be down to age… sad to say a number of boat modellers have departed this regatta for a higher one, lets hope they are having just as a good time. There also seems to be the issue of a lack of younger participants coming into the hobby. Is this due to the Xbox, psp and other games consoles wrecking constructive nature, or higher forces not wanting us to use or be able to sail without every safety aspect taken into consideration, thus putting people off. It seems the days are gone when you could just pop your boat into a local pond and enjoy your self. I get the impression, it’s the lets wrap every thing in cotton wool, just in case something goes wrong, nanny nation. I wonder if other countries are suffering the same. I could bang on this subject for hours! Why are so many people leaving the UK… hummm now that’s a difficult one.

However I did enjoy the show, the pool was fantastic, ideal for picy taking, the light even agreed and participated. I wish I could have stayed the whole day. Anyone who was thinking of bringing their boat and didn’t must be kicking them selves, especially submarine mariners. As usual the level of finish on the boats was superb and a joy to see, I really wonder if the average visitor there really understands the effort that goes into these boats.

All the modellers I meet were passionate about their boats and hobby and it was a pleasure to see. I do hope others reading this will think about going there next year… the pool really is clear… very clear…

Among the static exhibitors I met were Chantry Model Boat club, Hanwell and District Model Boat Society, Crawley Model Boat Club, Dabblers Model Boat club and James Buissel, with his flotilla of steam boats, a great interest of mine. Now that it seems near impossible to run IC boats, steam has to be my next best… in fact I’m finding it more interesting than IC. His boats should be at Alford, which I recommend as a great venue, and must not be missed. I have photographed the last few years there and it’s wonderful, you can not miss it. The setting is great the boats are great, let’s hope the weather is wonderful as well. All being well I should be there on the Sunday, just look for the idiot pushing his camera in your face and say hello, worse case I’ll take your picture J

You will also see amongst the picture of Alan from dabblers, the blurred picture as he was hiding, not wanting to have is mug shot on the web… too late mate.. You will also a rare picture of Steven Segall.. sorry you’ll have to check the spelling on the picy… There are also a few other images from the show not boat orientated.

John -

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