Paris Model Show - 2007


As promised I enclose some photographs of the Paris Model Exhibition 2007

After a most enjoyable and worthwhile visit to this Exhibition in 2006 I was really looking forward to spending 2 days exploring this year’s event at the new venue, the Exhibition Halls at Le Bourget north east of Paris. What a disappointment! It was a long journey out of central Paris with difficulty connecting from the Metro/RER to the site. The Hall was magnificent but half empty. Many aspects of modelling featured last year were absent; many traders were not present and nor were the public. Several traders with whom I spoke said they were experiencing poor business and they blamed it on being away from central Paris.

In one day I soon exhausted all there was to see. If this remains the venue in 2008 I shall not return.

Sadly the most exciting part of my day was the tethered hydro racer which broke its tether, exited the pool, passed right through the security net, nearly demolished some displayed models and buried itself in the wall! It seemed to me quite foolhardy to run such a display indoors.

Adjacent to the Exhibition was a Flight and Space Museum but I did not visit.

I have also enclosed three photographs of a pusher tug on the River Seine which was pushing a huge barge. The latter appeared to have a rudder under its bow which must greatly aid steering in confined waters.

 “Roger in France”


Paris-07-01.JPG Paris-07-02.JPG Paris-07-03.JPG Paris-07-04.JPG Paris-07-05.JPG Paris-07-06.JPG Paris-07-07.JPG
Paris-07-08.JPG Paris-07-09.JPG Paris-07-10.JPG Paris-07-11.JPG Paris-07-12.JPG Paris-07-13.JPG Paris-07-14.JPG
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Paris-07-29.JPG Paris-07-30.JPG Paris-07-31.JPG Paris-07-32.JPG Paris-07-33.JPG Paris-07-34.JPG Paris-07-35.JPG
Paris-07-36.JPG Paris-07-37.JPG Paris-07-38.JPG Paris-07-39.JPG Paris-07-40.JPG Paris-07-41.JPG Paris-07-42.JPG
Paris-07-43.JPG Paris-07-44.JPG Paris-07-45.JPG Paris-07-46.JPG Paris-07-47.JPG Paris-07-48.JPG Paris-07-49.JPG
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