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   Starting in Model Boats                                                                                      
Starting Out in Model Boats

" I consider myself an expert  to  the  matter of building model speed boats, on the principal that if we  learn  from  our  mistakes,  then  I'm  the  worlds  smartest  guy!"


   Sports Boat Types                                                                                           

‘So what do model boats look like then?  My wife tells me that 'all of my boats  look the same' but she’s not easily convinced.  There  are  few   basic  classes  but  there are also hybrid and  variations   within   each group   that  should  cover all other eventualities.

   Glow Engines

Glow or   Internal Combustion ( IC )  engines  are used in speed and sports boats and more importantly,  how to get them  started.

Motors  used in model boats are called DC motors,  i.e.  the motor rotates  when  a Direct Current is applied.  You don't need to know the "WHY'S  and  WHEREFORE'S",  just  take my word for it. 
   Miniature Scale Scratch Building                                                     

"When I began model shipbuilding many years ago, it was to the commonly used scale of eight feet to one inch.   I considered that smaller scales would result in inferior and less-detailed models... but I proved myself wrong!"