This is to declare that the person listed underneath
Is from this point on to only be known as a


And that legend is
Mr. Martin Davis

And look out anybody who says other wise
Is to face the scorn of

All the gentlemen who frequent the pages of Model Boat Mayhem
If not them
They have to face me and they better look out
Because no body ever upsets my mate
And gets away with it

 By order of me,

Iím the bloke who keeps giving the legend the shits by sending all this email crap and pictures and stuff, keeps telling the legend that he is doing a bloody good job and all other types of rubbish in the hope that the legend is going to believe that I have at least one creditable bone in my body to which I havenít and if that legend is to believe that he has to be as crazy as I am because that legend is the only legend that I want to believe only because that the legend is  at this point in time the only legend to be recognized until the legendary status wears of and can only be redeemed by becoming a super hero and there by being able to wear his underwear on the out side - Here is my page ( 1 of .... many!)


Gíday Martin

What a surprise to find a package on the front door step today, thank you. (Steve won the Servo competition). Kathy says an even bigger thank you (I think youíre on top of her Christmas card list)

Got a reply from Al Acton regarding the double ended ferry, seams he was in Sydney and wants to build one of these different kinds of boats. Is it lifeís big challenge to build some thing that no one else has and every one wants? It never ceases to amaze me what can be done, a few of the blokes at the club the other day were talking about the flying boat that is on the Mayhem site and I think a few of them are already up to the challenge and work has started on the drawing board, so I will keep you posted.

One thing that Al did say is that he enjoys my posting on youíre site, but I canít take all the credit for them because I am only a small link in the chain of the great hobby of Model Boating, I started taking pictures of them out of my own interest and quickly found out that its not a lone hobby and thank Christ its not a lone hobby. The more people that I meet and come into contact with quickly reminds me that it a great place to be at and do.

Congratulations to you as well I noticed today over 200,000 visitors to Mayhem. It only seams like yesterday that you were celebrating 100,000. Did you ever think about how far the site would go went you first created it? Thatís a bloody lot of people and I gotta admit that it makes me happy that all these visitors are looking at all youíre hard work and looking at a few pictures of model boats from down under.

So just wanted to say thank you again. We have a saying down here if youíre doing a fantastic job above and beyond the expectations of others and it is that you are a bloody legend.

So it is by my authority that I here-bye declare that MARTIN IS A BLOODY LEGEND.

Cheers Steve

So please print the attached document and hang it proudly in the most important place for all to read, either that or on the back of the toilet door.

Ahhh! Fanks Steve, that really nice. Martin.