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The above photos are of the Hunan is a well detailed model about 6 feet in length, built, skippered and owned by the Master of the real size ship bearing the same name. With all that work in details and superb finish itís a credit to Brian (all of the above) canít blame him for being so cautious when launching and retrieving this boat, he did tell me a sorry about getting some help wetting the hull with some disastrous results, once bitten twice shy I think.

The next lot is Jason Pilgrimsís new build and she is a nice performer using a B rig of a IOM class yacht. Electric motor and winch that Jason designed and built for the shallow water we get at the lake at times. Most on Jason's yacht - Here.

Check out this Stealth War Ship, twin jet and a turning forward turret. It is a bit of a head turner especially with the young kids hanging around the lake.

Miss Briton III is a some what different type of boat. The original was apparently the first ever single engine boat to break the 100mph mark and had a forward rudder but there is also a different type of hull as you can see. The owner operator Jeff said it didnít perform to good with only the one rudder so he had to put another at the stern she looks a bit strange going around a corner at speed (kind of like a crab out of control) but she turns well and is to bloody quick for me to get a good picture at speed.

Anyway better let you get on with it and catch up again soon.

Cheers Steve