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My latest model .... boat!

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I was able to get my hands on not one but two tea pots, one from my mate Don Blackbands grandson and one from another mate Terry Thorpe from the Nottingham Model Boat Club,(I think Terry had grown out of it? ) First of all I had to decide what I wanted the tea pot to do and how to do it, I wanted the pot lid to go up and down , red LEDs to flash round the edge of the lid and water to flow from the spout, sounds simple.

The build.

I made a pair of pods from card to house the batteries these as you can see from the pictures are fixed to bottom of the tea pot ,the weight of the batteries also give it stability in the water, A suitable prop shaft was fitted along with a rudder (just like that,) The drive is through a A457-re-380 electric motor mounted on a 6to1 reduction base this allows for a 40 m/m three bladed prop to be used and low power drain, The rudder is driven from the servo by two 20 m/m bevel gears this makes the rudder movement positive and very responsive, The usual electrics were fitted Futaba 6 channel receiver M Sonic Marine speed controller.

Now we get to the interesting stuff, To make the pot lid go up and down I used a inline motor and reduction unit driving a 4 m/m brass lead screw and nut, two micro switches and a stop bar to govern the travel of the lid, In the base of the tea pot I used a servo with a cam assembly and micro switches to alter the polarity of the motor hence up and down movement, As the lid starts to rise a switch puts a pump on and water comes out of the spout the LEDs flash round the lid and Bobs your uncle, when the lid reaches the top of its travel switching takes place then the lid returns to its lower setting and switches of, Then H.M.S Typhoo sails into the sun set.


 My 2002/3 winter projects - SS Watercan!


My winter project picture, don't laugh to loud, a radio controlled watering can no less!! it's in its early stages yet as you can see. The long pods out of the bottom are to stabilise it and house the batteries. My 4 year old granddaughter sat in the model room with here new yes its a duck and its head turns and its eyes light up good fun ! Brian (the can)The picture was taken in my shed note the little lathe and miller - my wife carol says their is no hope for me! - and yes, the water spout works - so watch out!!!


 My other ( more serious ) project is a French fishing boat.
I bought this kit to pass the time during the Christmas holidays its only a 1/20 scale -  all wood hard chine French fishing boat. She has made a pleasant change to the tug boats and watering cans!

- Built on a Mobile Marine Models hull.

More picture can also be seen on the Club Gallery Page - under Grantham


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