Jan-Gunnar - Norway

Crazy about tugs, YES!!!

The model-building firefighter from Norway, Jan-Gunnar Egge, has a big interest for those work-horses.
My father was a sailor, and sailed for the Norwegian America Line for nearly 50 years. I found an old picture of him, sitting on a bullard on a New York harbour tug, Carol Moran, in the year 1959. After that, I have found a great enthusiasm for those great machines.

Here's some photos of my models, both finished models, tugs under construction, and some models in their boxes. A lot of work to do in the future.....

Happy modelling, and the best wishes from cold Norway : )

Jan-Gunnar Egge

Pic 1: Finished model, Jersey City from Dumas

Pic 2: St. Canute from Billing Boats under construction

Pic 3: Smit Nederland, finished model - CLICK photo for more Info!

Pic 4: A lot of work to do in the future

Pic 5: The crazy man himself
Pic 6: At the work table

Hi  Martin,
Here's some facts about my model:
Name: Jersey City
Type: Railroad tug from the 60,s
Manufacturer: Dumas
Scale: 1:32
Length: 91 cm
Beam: 22 cm
Model weight: 7 kilos
Building time: Apx 75 hours
Name of builder: Jan-Gunnar Egge, NORWAY, "Fulltime fire-fighter"
The kit is supplied with radio control, and I have used a 12 V battery and a huge Robbe power 1000 motor, that alone weights 1 kg. The screw (made of solid brass) is from Aeronaut, and is 80 cm in diameter. Its modified with some extra details: radar, search light, ship bell, and fire hydrants.
All the best wishes from cold Norway,