Larry Bulduc and Jocelyn Taylor
Chris Craft Commander

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Helloooo Martin, hello everyone!!

It seems like a while since we've emailed you but we've been busy working on a new project.
I hope all is well with you and yours. The weather here in Maine, USA has been strange to say the least. It's now February 15th and today the temp was 50 degrees! Open water everywhere!!! We're hoping to have our boats ready to float within the next few weeks. As soon as we can, we'll send you some photo's of our babies in the water.

As for our current project.
We are working on a Dumas 1954 Chris Craft Commander
Length - 36"
beam - 10.5"
Scale - 1:12

I'd first like to say that this boat has earned the name "Troublemaker" for the simple fact that it about gave poor Larry a coronary a few times. As most of you know, Dumas likes to use Balsa. Balsa can be a bugger to paint. Air bubbles everywhere. (The kit calls for balsa blocking in the cabin front). But Larry persisted and the boat looks great.
We decided to go with a different color than the classic white. The color we chose is called "Catalina Mist". We also decided to keep all the Mahogany natural. As a woodworker, Larry refused to paint such a beautiful wood. As you can see, it definately makes the boat look different, almost richer.
We painted all the metal castings "Chrome". There's not a lot of "silver" paints available around here that actually look good. We think we made a great choice. The chrome has a softer and more classic look.
The boat isn't complete yet. We still have more to go on the details but we thought you might like to see where we are with the project.

Take care!

Jocelyn & Larry