Larry Bulduc and Jocelyn Taylor
Dumas USS Crocket

       Amsterdam               Crocket      

Dumas USS Crockett kit, framed and strip plank construction, kit # 218.

This boat was built solely by Larry Bulduc.
The crew was painted by Jocelyn Taylor.

The Crockett is still under construction as you can see. A lot of work to be done. Waiting on the deck hardware kit and running hardware to arrive. The motors will come a little later.

Floated her in the tub to check the balance. She's 51" long so you can image how high we had to fill the tub. She floats great and the balance is good too.

We've added roughly six pints to it so far and imagine it will need more.

Comments welcome. This is only the second kit so be gentle.

Thank you
Larry Bulduc & Jocelyn Taylor


We received the running harware and deck hardware kits this week. The running hardware consists of (2) brass 3 bladed props, (2) stuffing tubes, (2) shafts and we discovered that Dumas has eliminated the drive dog, changed the props, and eliminated the nut at the end of the shaft that holds the prop on. Now they have threaded props with a tapered end (as you can see in the photos) with the set nut in front of the prop now, with the nylon washer in front of the set nut. It looks better than the old ones, but we'll see how well it works in the water as soon as the weather cooperates.

We would also like to tell you that we have decided to start an RC club here in Maine. There are none in the area and we would really appreciate it if you would post a link to our site and also if you would check it out and sign our guest book. It's still under construction but we would appreciate the help in getting the word out that there is a club forming in this area. Your site is really popular and we're hoping that someone from our area will see it.

Again, thank you for everything and we'll keep you updated.