John  Picton

Commander - for my daughter Stephanie.     
Note: Lights everywhere and not a wire to be seen and where's the radio, motor and batteries????

Commander lighting etc.
In the aft cabin the table is removed, ( legs plug into floor) this allows for the two side seats to be lifted out, under the starboard seat is the radio receiver and 4,8 battery, under the port seat is the main power supply battery.

In the cockpit the interior of this is constructed in two parts and the control panel is a side down fit onto a securing lug, lights for this are plugged in before fitting. The cockpit sections lift out, port side first to reveal the drive motor, speed controller and the battery pack for the lighting system.

The lights in the roofs on the cabins are connected via a small plug and socket secreted in the over hang of the roofs in the cockpit, lighting is 6volt which allows for about 20 minutes on. Lighting wiring is secreted in the cabin walls in a grove under the panelling, this allows for the bulbs to be changed.

The canopy folds down as per the real boat and is made detachable to allow for the cabin roofs to be removed, the windscreen also folds down and across as per the real boat and the main mast automatically fold back should the captain forget to lower this when going under a bridge.

Recent improvements include the fitting of a lot more furnishings, a mop and bucket plus broom in the cockpit, a large pie and dinner set with wine in the salon, vegetables in the kitchen with the usual pots and pans etc, writing implements in the main cabin and 'The Beetles' posters in the forward bedroom with record albums.

Took a long time to build this model, mainly because I tend to see something else that I like and go off on a tandem, however now that it is finished Stephanie is very happy with it, she will not let me sell it though, pity it would I think fetch a good price.

My sincere thanks to RON WEM, he inspired me to build this model and is a real GENT.
 John Picton



 I had to retire from work some 3 years ago do to ill health, having been very active all my life and into all sorts off physical hobbies, gardening, DIY and model aeroplanes, it came as quite a shock when I was not longer able to do these things, with the exception of flying me models but this became difficult and so a friend Tim Morgan who writes a lot of articles for Marine Model International Magazine challenged me to build a model boat.

Now being a complete Pratt I took up the challenge and rather stupidly decided to build a scale model of a Fairmile MTB. It took me about a year to build, as I am one of these twits who insist that it must be exactly right, however Tim was so impressed with it that he published it in Marine modeller in August 2001. Since then I have become quite enthralled with this hobby, one can be much more heavy handed as it were when building boats compared with aeroplanes, there is not as much need to worry about weight etc. My condition does limit my time building quite a bit, and now due to health reasons  I can no longer enjoy a nice pint now and again, that really has given me the hump! However I'm still here and bobbing along.

My latest project is a Ton Class Minesweeper HMS PICTON, my name sake in 1/32nd scale. I am also building a Brooms River cruiser Commander 2 for my Daughter ( 15 and a right pain in the a****) this is in 1/12th scale and will have a completely furnished interior and working lights etc. Have just finished a model Duck for her in doors, she has called it Wellard the Mallard! it is radio controlled an its head turn with the rudder. I also intend in the future to built a model of a sailing ship The PICTON CASTLE this will take some time as there are no known plans of her and I have to draw these up first.

. Regards,
 John  Picton