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Small Cruiser

Dear Martin

I have started another scratch build. This time a model of a small cruiser that I sailed for many years.

Will I be welcome if I send you some stuff as the build proceeds ?

I attach early samples and a bit of the text:-

Sketches were produced indicating plan and chine plus a side elevating showing the sheer and keel lines. Station points were established coinciding with fore and aft well bulkheads and that for the cabin front. From these sketches half sections taken at the station points permitted a skeleton, card half model to be built onto a wooden ' Backbone ' all the card profiles were extended to a common level , that of the building board......and so on.

Your site is going from strength to strength.....great stuff
Give my regards to ' Bradders '

Very best wishes



Things have gone quite well and I attach some new images which I hope that you can find time to add to your Mayhem page  ' My models ' Also attached is a very old image of my wife aboard the prototype !
Congratulations, I see that your number of hits has rocketed ( as have mine in a more modest fashion quite a number as a result of the link on Mayhem. )
Good luck and much success with your ' Regatta '...wish I could attend
Kind regards to you and Bradders.

May 2008

Dear Martin

As is apparent from the fact that I am mailing ....I am still alive and modelling ( Now 80 years young )

I attach a couple of images of my finished ' Silhouette ' trailer sailer which is a ' Looking at model '...a reminder of sailing days in Cornwall with sons and Father. The picture on the pond however shows that it floats to the right waterline and could sail one day. I would like images added to my your models page if you can spare the time. I haven't optimise the pics as they don't look great in reduced resolution.
Whilst writing I wonder could I possibly trouble you to send me the Email address for Andy McGarrity who builds the king-size models of boats and shows a part built launch on his page in your ' Your models ' pages. I would very much like to contact him and might have a try at a ' big-un' myself.

I greatly enjoy your site, and go there daily. Congratulations on continued excellence.

Regards and best wishes


Thanks for visiting my build !

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