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Clyde Puffer

Martin spotted the Clyde 'puffer ' in a photograph of my workshop on my website at - The model, one of my fleet of six assorted craft, was kit built by an ex-naval type. It was sailed a few times then spent 10 years or so in a cupboard, as was the radio complete with batteries which ' bloomed '.  The Puffer was then gifted to me, gratefully received promptly renovated. The prop shaft had seized up, not due to corrosion but to decomposing grease, and soon responded to a spot of grease of the elbow variety. The board speed controller was replaced with a with a BEC, as in each of my boats. So to the pond a few days later and an enjoyable hour or so sailing. It is a great favourite at the lake as it looks quaint and sails convincingly, also many of the older folk remember it as the vessel that the old reprobate ' Para Handy ' skippered in a television series of years ago.

A glimpse at another of my hobbies, as well as producing cartoons for journals and publications I make cartoons ' in the round ' again from scrap. most illustrate scrapes that I experience in my own 12" to the foot boats....keeps me amused ! Thought it may amuse you too.

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