Paul Holman

Pictures of my now finished P class sub HMS Sealion.


More from the stable that is Holman...."attached are pics of Brian Davison's  latest "Plastic Magic"  project, to compliment his Missouri, we hope to get some pic's of both together  later in the summer. USS Enterprise - the Tamiya plastic Kit, fitted with two low drain motors powered by 7.2 volt nicads.


World exclusive! first pics of my HMS Turbulent.
Based on the popular Sheerline kit, the paint job is authentic & gives it a bit of character I think!


 Darnell T class - HMS TALLYHO.
HMS Graph HMS Berwick HMS Berwick
HMS Berwick HMS Berwick Swamp Buggy
Revell S boat Revell S boat Corvette

HMS Berwick.
She was a modified Type 12 frigate, I served aboard her for 3 years, so was a natural choice to build. I have based her layout & paint job, to depict her as she was during my time aboard. The exclusion of Pennant numbers is intentional, we painted them out before leaving for the Falklands in 1984.

Drawings & information were sourced from all over the world (this class was sold to Australia& New Zealand), & from the only surviving "12" HMS Plymouth, which is now a museum ship in Birkenhead.

My model is 1/96 scale, based on a converted Sirmar Hull & fittings, powered by 2 540 motors & 6 volt battery.

It has taken three years to reach it's current completed state. One day I hope to put a Wasp helicopter on the flight deck, if I can ever find one in the correct scale!.

Corvette - HMCS Snowberry.
This is the Revell plastic kit converted to RC & heavily weathered, Power is provided by a 200 motor powered by a 6volt battery, this is a little overpowered, but the extra thrust is handy in emergencies!

Paul Holman. Norfolk.