Workshop II - by Peter Cobban

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I perused with interest Peter Uney "tidy" workshop.

I, too, have moved in out of the cold. One of the advantages of "losing" one's offspring is all of a sudden the house is empty. I received permission to convert a bedroom into the room of my dreams. I started by fitting a laminate floor, for the ease of cleaning, and then fitted the work benches that you see, in an "L", underneath the window. Storage shelves hold the models on the stocks, and a further long shelf supports drawer units for tools, and lathe accessories, storage for materials is under the work bench in plastic bins.

A long time ago, I made the decision to mainly build from plans, either my own drawings or purchased. (I object to the term scratch building as we have all had to make pieces for a kit to look good, thus we all build from scratch at some time or other.) Thus, I have equipped myself with the tools to do the job. I use two lathes, a Unimat and a mini multi, which is an excellent far eastern machine. Under the workbench, I store a scroll saw, a grinder, and a small wood turning lathe. In the garage, I have a band saw and table saw. I buy my wood in planks and saw it to my requirements. I did say buy, but most of the hardwood comes from bits collected from scrap bins.

Currently, I have two models on the stocks. Kitty, a Thames Barge, hull from the free plan by Richard Webb, and the fittings researched from Edgar March's book. It is fitted with control on fore, main and mizzen sails, from three servos with one on the rudder. Currently, I am rigging the vessel. The maiden sail will be in May?? The other boat is "The Pride of Exmouth", a local pleasure cruiser. This has been built from the original drawings to a scale of 1:40. All, I have to do is make the window frames and finish the painting.

This last model is the third that I have built of local craft, I live in Exmouth. If you would like, I can email you photos of the other two. There is only one problem with having such a pleasant working area, The other spare bedroom is filling up with finished models.

My latest project is working in a scale of 12" to a foot. I am currently refitting my 22' Corribee, vintage 1985. You should try it yourself, it is just like building a model.

I hope that you find the above of interest. please keep up the good work with your site.

Peter Cobban