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Here's a few pics of my latest boat, HMS E11 and HMS Upholder back on the water after a refit.
Regards, Pete



Hi Martin,
Here's a few pics of my latest boats, this is a ww1 coastal "U class" submarine. Its 42" long at 1/32nd scale, and really does run well ,its one of Norbert Bruggens semi kits, also I've just repainted HMS unseen, in her Mediterranean blue colour scheme.
Regards Pete



Hi Martin , here are a few pics from the hull model boat group DVD , we sail at east park hull every Sunday and Tuesday throughout the year, regards Pete

I've just started to detail and rebuild Seaview, after last seasons sailing, three shows and the back of the car  took its toll on the hull and the paint, so I decided to detail the hull and try and get the colour right, the hull is scaled at around 1/60th so I thought Id add the flying sub, I happened to have the monogram plastic model which is the same scale, I fitted a mini sub with radio and lights into the kit, and it works, here are some pics.
Regards Pete

Hi Martin, does your your workshop look like this?
I'm doing some work on the Seaview but it got to cold in the shed, so I asked if I could use the spare room, I promised to keep it tidy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,
Regards Pete


Hi Martin, thought I'd send some more pics of the Seaview, the model is 78" long and is based on the television version of the sub, access to the boats internals is from the underside ,the main battery is in bow section I've left room for the cabin details at a later date. The dive module is from Sheerline . these units are very reliable and fuss free, the unit is simply  strapped into the hull I've had to add a few lumps of foam and a lot of lead ,the boat is very stable and has a fair turning circle, speed was a problem so a change of prop was needed, the boat dive's and runs well and just needs a little more work to complete.

Sorry about the foliage I know its not to scale, at the manta wings the hull is 18" wide, the model has twin motors with gear boxes with two 50mm 4 blade props, the model is so stable in the water, it stays were you put it, but the turning circle is large.
                                                                                                                                 Regards Pete



Hi Martin,
I thought I'd send some more pics, this an old Darnell S boat hull, I had the hull for quite a few years but never got round to doing anything with it. I began building a dive unit for it and gave up, she now has a propel dive unit from Small World Models. the dive unit is 20" long with no nuts bolts or screws, the servos push in the rest is up to you!

The ballast tank the gas tank is fitted inside the small hole on top is the vent which is operated by the the servo to the right which fills and empties the tank

This is centre section of the dive module, the ballast tank is to the left and is simply a push fit, this section contains the esc, rx, motors and rudder ,rear planes servo's and main battery external connections

The stern cap, the servo's push into this section, the prop shafts have  glands with two o rings, the unit works very well and in a model of this size its ideal.


Hi Martin, thought I'd send you this pic of Seaview underway. She'd just surfaced, big sigh of relief, could do with a bit more forward speed, any idea's the current set up is two 12 volt Graupner 500s direct drive to two 40mm 4 blade brass props I cant fit bigger props because the propulsor tubes are 44mm in diameter.

Thanks for the updates Martin, the brass deck is available from Pandan models.
Regards Pete


  July 2004 
Hi Martin, thought I'd send a couple of picks of my boat under water at my local pond ,the photo's were taken using an waterproof camera from Lidl, the camera cost 3 quid. Regards Pete.


This is my Engel's Gato...

  May 2004 

Here's a couple of pics of the Gato, its been a toughie, thank heaven for power tools! Im afraid the days of rat-tail files and sand paper are over........ some advice for would be submariners go to B&Q and come up-to-date!

Anyway back to the boat ,had trouble getting the middle deck to fit even using the jig Engel suggest also had fun and games with a pillar drill and a tap and die set. Each piston tank has nine connections onto a relay board. Engel suggest two speed controllers, I'm using one, this boat is heavy but it looks good. The kit captures the lines of the Gato perfectly.

The kit costs around 700 but has an auto trim device which balances the boats tanks and is accurate to within 3 grams. It also has a planked deck which has been a pain but its a nice model and judging by what I've seen on, I should get my money and a bit more back if I decide to part with it.

I'll send more pics if I ever finish!
Regards pete.

Meet   Seaview .

She's 76" long and is a one piece grp moulding. I've had to cut part of the stern off ,the dive module is from Sheerline, Chris was really helpful. The model is excellent!!!

U46...Upholder.......Darnell kit

My name is Pete and I live in Hull. One of my boats is the HMS Upholder and is a W.W.II vessel.

It is 70 inches in length and scaled at 1/32nd. The colour scheme is royal navy Mediterranean blue (and it works). The hull is an old Darnell moulding considerably modified by myself using warship profile publications as reference. The ballast system is a scratch built set-up based around a compressor system with a central ballast tank. A single motor drives a huge graupner one into two gearbox which gives the effect of a very effective 'diesel' engine sound. The gearbox is located in the wet hull and the 12v battery is also located in the wet hull. The model is large enough to incorporate a torpedo firing system which is something I am looking to do in the near future. I am also currently building an Engels Gato which will take some time but when finished will be 76 inches long.

Also in my collection is a Robbe U-47 which is I have converted to U-46 which is a type 7B with an Engels piston tank which works extremely well. Later on in the year I hope to have completed a moulding of a type 1A U-Boat which will be approximately 42 inches long.

I hope this wasn't too long winded and will be of some interest to your subscribers!!!

Many thanks
Peter Uney