Spike Hughes



Lady Anne


Antji  (Moses)


                   Always sleep with one eye open, that's my advice. "

A ready to run model present from the wife!

I am currently in the middle of building a Graupner Pegasus III ( to be named 'Kismet'). This I saw and bought partially built, from Ebay with only 30 minutes left on the auction. It was started 15 years ago and then left when he realised he had messed up the build. I have been working on her for a couple of months correcting his mistakes.  Notice how the aft superstructure dips down. That was just the start of the rectification needed.  He must have had shares in Locktite & Plastic Padding as what did not fit properly was glue down or filled out, instead of asking himself, have I built this part wrong?  - More later, Spike.