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"I am a addicted power boat nut and proud of it!" 

Here are a few a 7.5cc cat with a K&B outboard - soon to be fitted with a new design Irvine pipe. 

My orange & white CMB 90 powered hydro ...

My old pickle-fork  fork hydro 7.5cc k&b powered.

I also have quite a few 'multis',
an offshore CMB 67 powered Hunter, 
a z-class Daitline 'Renigade 2'  with a humble asp 2.5, a modified margin one fast electric  and a little 'Mosqeto' with a brushless motor - very quick!

I am also building a SHG Shadow for a friend's son. The Shadow was also the first boat I ever raced in the club 20 class as it was called. Don't know why the class never caught on, it was fun.

I also had a SHG Laser as a matter of interest back in the 70s when this hull was being developed. Model Boats Magazine followed its development at the time! (I'll ask if I can get some details - Mayhem).

Happy Power Boating, Steve Oastler