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I thought you may also like these pictures of a model Tug I have had since 1955. It is a running model although not radio controlled. When the series left the air in 1955 they offered a one time offer for this model of the Tug Cheryl Ann in that series , and my parents ordered it for me.   I have been pondering the idea of installing radio gear in it , but don't know if that would ruin the value of it or not. Not that a dollar value means anything to me as I will never part with it. Anyway , here are the pics. of it.  Keep up the good work, I love your site, I look at it daily.

Sincerely, Wes Whitlinger.


 Cheryl Ann

I was also one of many who were named after the Tugboat "Cheryl Ann", from the adventure series "Waterfront 1954-56" series.  I am over-joyed to find your site, with pictures of the tug that I was named after!!  Thank you so much.  This means the world to me!! I lost my Dad in 1976, and My Mom in 2003. I remember them telling me that they used to watch the series "Waterfront", and that they named me after the tugboat, the "Cheryl Ann", but never knew anything about it, you know they did not have computers in 1955, and they had no way of accessing the info in order to show me a picture or anything as I grew up, but they did talk about it, and let me know that, that is how they named me, so if you have a heart, I am sure you can understand how much this means to me to finally find a picture of the tug, "my Namesake".  Now I know after all these years.  I am now 49 years old, and am just finding out about this site.  I would love to find, by slim chance, one day, the real life model to purchase.  If you know if there are any anywhere, would you please let me know.

Thank you so much, this has brought tears to my eyes, and truly touched my heart!!
Thanks, sincerely,
Cheryl Ann D. Royer
Jefferson, Louisiana 


Anyone else that you know of remember this tug , or the Early 1950"s TV show "Waterfront" that this tug was on?