Hydro  U-1

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Here is another scratch build model, this time of a high power three point hydro U-1.
Powered by a 30c.c. weed eater engine .

Thinking of doing another with a chainsaw engine. By the way the dimensions are 4 foot by 2 foot and it weighs 26 lbs, and has been clocked at 35 mph.

As far as plans go ... I drew my own from the measurements of the real thing. From there everything was built on a "does this look right basis. " Even the driver is scratch built using foam and then coating him with Elmers glue so the fibreglass resin would not eat it up. The windshield is fabricated from a quart size soft drink plastics bottle The cowling and drivers cockpit were fabricated from an antifreeze jug by cutting it down and forming it over ribs fastened to an aluminium base which is the removable section for all the radio gear. The prop and shaft are Prather. Radio is a Futaba attack 2. It has given me no problems, and is a blast to run. It draws quite a crowd whenever I run it.

The only thing I have had to do is some repair work after it blew over backwards and tore up one sponson. The repairs are made and it is as good as new, and ready for more action. The 30 c.c. weedeater engine is still running great after the accident.

Thanks ever so much again for the neat web site you have provided so us boat nuts can show off our pride and joys. Keep up the good work ,                Sincerely, Wes Whitlinger

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