Malcolm Frary - Lotse


 Latest boat is a Graupner Lotse.  I didn't fancy paying Graupner prices for the bits'n'pieces, so I used a 6 cell pack and a really cheap 400.  The thing is embarrassing! I've had to put a trim tab at the back to stop it standing on end when I accidentally turn the wick up!.  I reckon that is the  Hamburg pilots ever got one of their boats to go like that they would be  very happy.  Scared, but happy.  It now planes level, but with only about the back third in the water.  Not a typical cabin cruiser.

 I had a play with it this afternoon, and my  chairman fired off a few while I was driving.  I got a good half hour's run of each battery, using 7-cell packs.  Oddly, 6-cell packs dont seem to make
any difference. The pictures werte taken at a wide-ish angle and cropped - it was just too  bright to see what the screen was showing for accurate shooting at a moving object, and as you can see, it was moving!. I am sure that the water wasn't that blue.  The camera must be remembering  its recent trip to Cyprus... ;-)



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