Gambier bay - 1/96 scale escort carrier - Stan Reffin

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Hi Martin 
I'm working on the lift at the moment. Below the lift you have the following 
1 Electronic speed controller  to control  rate lift travels up/ down  running on 4.8 volts.
2 Large black object is a sound recorder  this has ding/ding sound on it.  So when lift is going up  or down you get the ding/ ding sound.
3 Speaker for the sound unit
4  Small amplifier to increase sound from the sound unit.
5 Small servo  with twin micro switches to turn on the power  to amplifier  and operate repeat on sound  recorder. Small geared motor  to raise lift. Lift is attached to a m/4 nut and treaded rod.



On Show at Doncaster ...


Stan's current build get it's bottom wet for the first time.


Just a few details. The model will be off Escort Carrier C/V 73 Gambier Bay length 62/65 inches/ beam across flight deck 15 inches/ from keel to top of mast 15 to 18 inches . pictures sent show stern section, steel work under flight deck at the bow. 5in gun kit from john Haynes this fits on the stern.

Stan Reffin - Kirklees Model Boat Club


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