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   Part 1 

Hi Mayhemmers!

This is my latest project is this U-boat.

    Iíve recently become infatuated with RC subs and Iím now building a Robbe U47. Like all my builds, I started out planning a simple ďstockĒ build and then as I got into it, I got carried away and kept adding things and changing things. Iím hopeless! Itís coming along OK I guess as I havenít totally stuffed anything up that I know of.

Iíve built the sub frame and added a 750mm Engel piston tank and switch and fitted some NIMH batteries (Sub C 3600 Sanyo), 15 of them. Iíve also added an ďapc4Ē leveller and an Engel magnetic radio switch. I got a set of brass props and universal couplings from R2 Models and a brass deck kit from Modelbrass in USA. I even ordered some scale flags and crewmen from Accurate Armour to jazz her up. I really must stop blowing the budget on this (my first Sub). Itís an addictive hobby and I love it very much. Iíve included some photos of my efforts to date which show that Iíve mostly worked on the WTC (water tight compartment) frame so far. I have cut out the hull parts and all the other plastic bits and assembled the central section to the stage of gluing the WTC tube in but thatís about it for them. Once sheís operational mechanically, Iíll get stuck into the rest.

Jason Pilgrim - Australia

   Part 2    
Feb 06

Hi Mayhemmers

Iíve done some more work on the sub. The pics tell the story but Iíll say that itís been a fun build so far. Iíve finished the WTC and fitted the rear hull section including the dive planes and rudders and their tackle. I customised the rear WTC cap by making an aluminium bracket with threaded rods top and bottom to pull it in tightly and seal it. I used a silicone rubber gasket off a preserving jar as the o-ring wasnít working and on bath testing, it was blowing bubbles. The jar seal works well. I also added an access hatch in the hull to get to the lower nut as it was a bit too tricky with my arthritic fingers. Thatís held shut by elastic.

I canít help myself when it comes to on-line shopping. I ordered a ADC1 (auto Depth Control) from Subtech and I hope thatís the last big purchase for this boat. Itís getting like building a real one! $$$.

The bow section is nearly finished now and Iíve set up the forward planes and started fitting the hull formers in that. I also put a waterproofed servo under the tower to work the front planes and will run the ADC through that. To seal the servo, I painted the joins with liquid electrical tape and coated it all in silicone sealant and then dunked it in varnish. I made a rubber gasket to seal the output shaft thatís a tight fit against the round horn. Iíve worked it under water a few times now during trim testing and it hasnít leaked, so it may be OK. I was able to remove the un-scale hole in the bow where the attaching bolt key went in as I have the bracket attachment set-up on the rear of the tank. I think it looks better without it. I also fitted the brass net cutter under the bow, that came with the Modelbrass deck kit. I built a carry box for it too, as itís too big to go in the wagon with mumís electric wheelchair and our other gear. Iíll take yachts to the lake too. Iím not giving up sailing altogether you know!

There still a fair bit of work to do, but itís going well and Iím loving it. So much so in-fact, that Iíve already ordered another sub hull kit from Steve Neil USA and itíll be my next build! I am hopeless.


   Part 3    
March  06

Hi Mayhemmers!

Sheís all done!
My U-47 sub build that is. It took just on 3 months to assemble and I loved every minute of it. The pictures tell the story and show the various steps of the build. I added quite a lot of extra electronics and changed a few things and came up with a sub that static dives very nicely and performs pretty well all round. It cost me a heap in all, but Iíve got something nice to show for it. Some of the Mayhemmers will have seen my building threads on the forums and things, but this site is way more permanent and I believe, the Rolls Royce of model boating sites!

I hope my ravings will help future U-47 (Robbe) builders who like to compare methods etc. The sub is much more fun with static diving capabilities. It now has Auto depth control and pitch controllers from Subtech. When activated, they keep her cruising just under the surface with no input from me. No more mud bashing. (See photo). For my first sub build, the boat was ideal. I do have experience with building models, just not subs. It takes a bit of thinking and planning to get it all together as there are lots of parts and to modify it for a piston tank is a bit tricky, but quite doable.

Jason Pilgrim


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