Magpie 2  -  Jason Pilgrim

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The second Magpie has hit the water. I used the same sail plan as the first one but moved the mast step forward one centimetre and it balances very well! The first launch was really good with 5 knot of wind or less and dead flat water. The lighter boat slid along without a fuss. It's much lighter than the original as it has no frames or anything being all glass and only needs 2 kg of lead in the keel to sail. It has a prop shaft and motor mount but no motor to keep it light. I fitted the above to make it easier incase I decide to power it in the future. The boat has an RMG sail winch, Hitec delux steering servo and a 5 pack of NIMH AA batteries. I also shifted the rudder mount back a bit for the racing version to give better control reaching as it doesn't need to be close to the propeller for motoring etc. It steered very well in the light wind. I'm yet to try her in a strong wind and she may be a bit tender, but I might be wrong. The other Magpie can be used on windy days anyway. That was the idea.

My Brother-in-law from Holland is visiting at the moment and he bought me a very generous present. A Billings Banckert Tug kit! I'm just getting started on cutting out all the wooden bits and I'll send an up-date on her when she hits the waves.

Jason Pilgrim
SPMBC - Melbourne Australia