"Pondie" -  Jason Pilgrim

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This Pondie has heaps of character. It's owner "Terry" asked me to do it up for him. He's an interstate truck driver and has no time to do it himself.

I've stripped her down and filled/sanded the hull and spars and spray varnished them all. The rest of the gear was mostly missing so I've improvised as best I could with making the brass bits. It all works. The next job is to make the sails and a jib boom etc and give her a try! I've bath tested the hull and it sits a bit deep in the water. The owner wanted it more stiff as he said it keeps leaning right over in light winds. I altered the lead ballast on the keel by folding the sheeting down to form a bulb and removing the overhanging bits. I think it'll be better. The hull is carved from a block of wood (Maple I think) and is heavy. I could carve more out bit I don't want to spoil the originality by removing the marks that were lovingly carved made by a POW during WW2! He's had it for many years since his grandpa left it to him. The sails rotted off (His words) and he lost some (lots) of the parts but it's going to look OK when finished and I hope he has fun with it. I've had no experience with free sailing yachts so it's a great job that I'm really into. I'll need a small pond to test sail it as it has no RC.

Jason Pilgrim