Brian Clark -  H.M.S. Killingworth.

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 Welcome to my scratch a 1840  12 gun man of war 24th scale  - my first Boat / Ship.

I picked this plan from a Glasgow plans service ....  and because Brig does not have too many masts -  rigging  - or guns, I thought I would tackle a fully sailing - working  model including .... working anchors,   auxiliary engines,  sail winches and Firing Guns !.......... and all scratch built!!!!


     A number of these little ships remained in commission in the Royal Navy well into the 20th century as sea going training ships e.g. Nautilus...Liberty....Seaflower etc. etc.  My model will be named M.S. Killingworth after the local sailing lake.

To be a fully working sailing model, the scale has to be practical & as large as possible ..... so I chose to a make model as big as my little car trailer could carry! This worked out by picking a 1840 12 gun Brig of War. The plans are of a 'class', not any particular ship.  I doubled the plans from 1/4" to Foot to 1/2" i.e. 1/24th Scale. This works out as a hull of length 63" long (84" L.O.A. including booms, spits etc.) x 15˝" wide & 72" high - the masts above the ‘fighting tops’ fold forward for transport ! I am now busy with the masts, yards and sails, then will have to work out how to control them.

The hull is a scratch build fibre glass shell ...... with a planked deck with corked joints. The torpedo you can see is a 3" dia. removable ballast tube containing 40lb of lead. A sail winch drives a mini toothed belt, driving the steering wheel through pulleys to the tiller. The anchor winch is a battery screw driver. The anchors themselves and the guns are cast in phosphor bronze & gun blackened..... only three guns are fitted as yet, 8 more are to follow ...... but all cannon trucks are wired for electrical firing of the guns, using Pyrodex for powder but this makes no smoke! (will have to overcome that !) Each gun can be fired individually. All other metalwork is made of brass & also gun blackened.

I suppose you can guess by now I am really enjoying myself as each stage and little problem gets solved. I hope to get her sailing by late next year.

“We hang oot in Geordie Land......
Ye nar in Nuwcasule on Tyne..... wer wu bild ships ye nar !”

 Regards,  Brian Clarke


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