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Ahoy all modellers!

Just a few details about my D U K W. construction time 12 months not built from any kit, commercial fittings used many from Valinden. Hull construction from 1/8 1/16 ply/ 1/4 sheet balsa and plastic card. Power supplied from 2 6 volt 1.8 amp hr ni cads, this provides power to main drive motor and voltage regulator for front and rear lights. Motor speed 400 driving through gear box, 3 channel r/x for speed control rudder and front wheels and operation of lights.

A very basic drive system on rear wheel only for smooth surfaces, painting done with Humbrol and Tamiya paints mainly using airbrush. hope this is o/k any feed back from fellow modellers please let me know not an easy subject to build at 1/16 scale.


Method used to paint my 1/16 scale D/U/K/W

All wood parts where first rubbed down and any filling carried out to remove any holes or indentions after this 2/3 coats of sanding sealer where applied. I used Screwfix direct sealer.  This a varnish based product and so far there are no signs of the paint work cracking, this is common problem with other sanding sealers. All plastic parts where washed in warm soapy water and left to dry. The entire model was sprayed with Halfords grey acrylic primer. After 5 days the first colour was applied, this was mixed using olive drab and matt black to give a very dark green finish. The second colour was olive drab with no other colours added using a airbrush spray the model, giving some parts a large concentration of paint  and others just a dusting.   This will produce a shaded affect when dry i.e. light and dark areas on the model. The third colour to be applied was Tamiya dark earth.  This was applied heavily at the bottom of the side panels fading to nothing towards the top.  This can also be used on the front panel.  The fourth colour to be applied was again Tamiya light buff.  This is only lightly sprayed over the dark earth and green.   This again gives a shaded effect to the dark earth and produces splash marks over the entire vehicle.

Rusting was carried out using Railmatch paints supplied from Howes Models  Oxford.  The first colour to be applied was brake dust which was lightly dry brushed and allowed to dry.  I then dry brushed medium rust over the brake dust and this gives a rich rust effect.  Finally the entire model was washed over using thinned black and brown paint.  This will find all the cracks and crevices and produce areas of shadow on the model. The cargo flat bed was first sprayed with desert yellow and again using olive drab lightly over sprayed the yellow, this again gives the impression of warn paint with the timber showing through the green.

Templates were made from cardboard, cut to suit the windshield and these were held in place.  Matt black paint was applied to the wiper blades that were then fitted in position and moved across the cardboard giving a perfect template to allow the windshield to be sprayed with dark earth and light buff.

Stars supplied by Historex of Dover. These decals are of the rub down type and when fitting the big star on the bonnet some of the decal broke away, but this produced the perfect image of damaged paint work on the star. The two lightly clad ladies on my d/u/k/w came from a plastic aircraft kit as did the duck popping out of a eggshell.

Browning machine gun
Painted with Humbrol gun metal paint.   All corners and high points were dry brushed with silver to represent ware.

This is only a very brief account of painting my model. My tip is to visit, if possible, any plastic model shows and talk to different modellers about painting.  Good tips can be obtained from them.

Stan Reffin  Kirklees Model Boat club. 






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