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Friday 22 December 2006
New Photo of the Month
Tuesday 19 December 2006
Free Ticket competition - London Model Engineering Exhibition 2007
Tuesday 19 December 2006
Forum software patch.... and 5 hour repair!!!
Friday 8 December 2006
POITIERS  MODEL EXHIBITION, France - October 2006.
Wednesday 29 November 2006
Deans marine Tail end Events - 2006
Friday 24 November 2006
A ton of photos from the ELLESMERE Model Boat Show
Pictures of the SMIT Nederland - Real, Builds and Billing's Kit

Tuesday 21 November 2006
Mike Gardiner's pictures of the  Weymouth SWAMBC show
Friday 18 November 2006
Mike Collier's - Hydro
S130 Web Documentary -
Dock your own Ocean Liner -
S130 Web Documentary -
Friday 3 November 2006
Northern Model Boat Show 2006 - Doncaster
New Photo of the Month
Photos now reinstated on the Forum.....


Friday 23 October 2006
Well Here are on the - OUR OWN NEW PRIVATE SERVER!! (VPS)
Play nicely and don't break anything! I've noticed that there are a lot of "?" all over the place, this happened last time we moved servers, I think it's something to do with American keyboard codes! I'll try to change them as I come across the in the posts.  We'll run the Forum with picture for a short while without the photos until we feel all is stable.

Tuesday 24 October 2006
Well after a frantic 3 days or investigations, complaints, intense negotiations, discussions, ill-informed debates, bad tempered arguing and lengthy stroppy silences,  Bradders and I have decided that you can't go wrong with Digestive biscuits  with a cup of tea........ oh, and and got the Forum working again!

The Forum has now been temporarily reinstated just so we can let you know what's going on and we can all speak to each other again.  Tomorrow morning we will be moving to a VPS "Virtual Private Server" service which will ensure (according to the Host ) the overloading problems do not happen again. More expense.... We have also been informed that this is a 12 hour process but please be assured we will try our best to keep the Forum up and running as much as possible through the entire upgrade. ( Please note that all attachments / Photos have been disallowed to reduce Forum traffic on the site but will be reinstated as soon as we are live on the new service. )

You may have noticed a new button at the bottom of the menu bar (left), got to fund the new hosting package somehow.!
Muchas Graciasto those that have already. [ Donations ]

Friday 23 October 2006
Well Guy & Girls we seem to be a victim of our own success! The forum is so popular that the hosting company is complaining that we're overloading their servers!! "...even if your bandwidth usage it at 20%, that does not mean it will not overload the server. When a mysql request is sent to the server, it might do a loop and therefore, overload the server." No, I don't really know what that means either! So this week I'm going to have to fork out even more money for our own VPS - Virtual Private Server! Until then I've been asked ( told ) to 'suspend the forum' or / and upgrade to a VPS service. Use the time to find who those other people in your house you see from time to time really are and finish building your models! The forum will be back on-line later this week. Sorry, Martin

IMBS Banner on Mayhem

Friday 6 October 2006
Quick review of  'Action Kits' - Twin Flicker'
Saturday 30 September  2006
Sorry about the slight down time - apparently just sending out a simple "Mayhem Updated" announcement via the Forum nearly took down the Host server????? Normal service has been resumed.
Friday 29 September  2006
John Richardson Revises his - "Free Lancer II"

Paul Blith's HMS Scarab
Michael's Clinker planked steam launch and the  "Wrestler"  tug
Tyne Models - Flying Spindrift - added to Tug Boat Kits list.
Joe's  "Bernicia" and  T.I.D.
Thursday 21 Sept  2006
Wings and Wheels show 2006 - AND Water!
New Photo of the month

Friday 25 August  2006
The great Mike Pendlebury starts another epic build of the Mersey Lifeboat, this time at 1/3 scale.
Thursday 17 Aug  2006
Repaired several pages - old links don't seem to work on this new server - if you come across any, let me know!
Francis Fearn & Brian Clark -  H.M.S. Killingworth pages.
Saturday 22 July  2006
Now Live on the New Host!  - Forum restored after 14 hours farting around!
Friday 7 July  2006
Warships at Kingsbury
Roy Lorentz - Classic tugs
latest instalments of Harold Sailsbury's - The Charles W Morgan
Colwyn Bay Model Boat Club
Southport Scale day

Links for the weekend:
Monday 3 July  2006
Forum fully working, thanks for your support and patients.
New Picture of the month - thanks Victor.
Thursday 29 June  2006
Forum working again and fully restored. Just a couple of minor niggles to sort out.
Wednesday 28 June  2006
Forum hacked and smashed.... working all hours to fix and recover.
Friday 23 June  2006
Guy Neave - HMS Campbeltown

Mick Brown - Mallard &
Andy McGarrity - Giant Lesro Javelin
John Haynes - USS Tennessee
Friday 16 June  2006
Mike Pendlebury continues his build of a Lifeboat
- Part 37
Shaun - TDX 2000 hovercraft
Two Sirmar boats added to Tug kits page
More pictures of Davis Holmes wonderful -
HMS Gloucester D96
They are really coming out of the wood work now - Dirk's Dickie tug conversion - River Tug style!
John Richardson's - "Free Lancer II"
Giant Admiral Graf Spee.
Model Ocean liner????
'Footy' yacht kits from the US

Wednesday 7 June  2006
BEST Dickie Tug Conversion - Ever!?!
A beautiful Mail ship - by Steve Cas
Giant Model Aircraft carrier -
Chris Brown Model Boats -

Friday 2 June  2006
Mike Pendlebury's  Lifeboat Google eyes to Rivets!

Andy's Giant Javelin
Steve's got a new "Yacht"... whatever that is!! ;-)
Dick Hopper's Pretoria Castle
I Think Burza is building a new Lifeboat.....
New Photo of the Month. Thanks Ian.


Friday 26 May  2006
Mike Pendlebury continues his build of a Lifeboat that's better than the full size! - Part 36
Update on Resizing Photos for the Forum or Emailing.
Harold Sailsbury - The Charles W Morgan, corrected
James  Payton - ORCA again
Thursday 18 May
Harrogate Show 2006 -  2 ( thanks Marc )
Wednesday 17 May
The works of Chris Behan ( master modeller! )

New manufacture of Modern Boat Fittings - Mac's Mouldings
Harold Sailsbury - The Charles W Morgan
Tuesday 16 May
Part 34 & 35 of Mike's Lifeboat build....
Harrogate Show 2006 - (thanks Stan)
Is this a Wind Up????
Monday 15 May
Deans Marine - Open Day
Friday 12 May  2006

Part 34 of Mike's Lifeboat build.... A Lesson in miniaturisation!
Mike's Robbe Paroli finished and Flat Out!
Update on Resizing Photos for the Forum or Emailing.
Friday 5 May  2006
Part 33 of Mike
Pendlebury's Lifeboat build.
   ( This thing is fantastic, I'm sure there's trick photography involved somewhere !! )
Boat Modellers Show, thanks Graham.
Montaigu Model Show - Paris - April 2006
Another fantastic Happy Hunter - the worlds best Tug!
Stan's current build - Gambier bay -  get her bottom wet !
Mark Wilk's Graupner Sydney Star built as MV Celestia
Italian War Ship Kits by Pini Modelli
   ( Anyone know anything about them? )
New Joke pictures....
New Photo of the Month - thanks Max
Friday 28 April  2006
Update on Part 32 of Mike Pendlebery's Lifeboat build.

Huge load of picture of David Holmes build of - HMS Gloucester D96
70ft CBM & PT Boat from 1916 from - Jörg and Andy
New pictures of Eddy Matthews Dravo
Hannah Windless I am 9 years old builds a warship ?!?!?!
Great new pictures on the JOKES page
Tuesday 18 April  2006
Massive update on Part 30 of Mike Pendlebery's Lifeboat build.
John Richardson's completes his Freelancer II scratch build project.
Another Dickie Tug Upgrade, this time by William Jones
New Pictures of
Peter Uney refitted - Mr. Submarine!
Mick Brown's - Kyosho Fairwind
Tuesday 11 April  2006
Loads of updates to Shop links page Links
More Forum stuff

Monday 10 April  2006
New link added added
Started moving Sales and wants to the New Forum
Friday 7 April  2006

And now, after many, many requests and several late nights ...
The all new Model Boat Mayhem Forum in Launched! - Click here



Tuesday 4 April  2006
The Model Boats website is in the process of being redesigned and will be moving to a new Host Provider - as is obvious when you click on the url. This will happen in the very near future - should be up and running by May. It will be completely redesigned and will once again feature direct on-line shopping for plans, etc.

We will be including a Forum and we are hopeful that we have been able to recover the Forum files so that none of the previous information is lost. Confirmation on this is expected later today as we only became aware yesterday lunchtime that the Host Server was about to pull the plug and there was some last minute downloading in an attempt to secure the Forum files.

The website was one of the many items to suffer under the demise of Highbury. Our new company, Encanta Media Ltd is striving to bring everything back to normal and to develop our services so we ask people to be patient for a few more weeks."
John Cundell ( Editor Model Boats Magazine ) ......

Added Pictures of Kirkless MBC lake

Monday 3 April  2006
Serkan Eski - Graupner Jet Star , Robbe Najade and Kyosho Atlantio 600

Update to Lynn's Lifeboat & Lighthouse builds
More from the Surry Park Model Boat Club - Melbourne, Australia
Friday 31 March  2006
Tony Munn's  - very nice Robbe Najade

Ron Wem's wonderful Broads cruisers... all scratch built!
James  Payton - ORCA - Wow!
Part 30 of Mike Pendlebery's Lifeboat build. ( He's a real person after all !! )
Update to Don Brown RNLI Hovercraft
Eddy Mathew's new project Dravo
Mark Croucher's - Louis Heloise
Gerald Newcomb - Akron Tug
Boats from Bob and Geraldine
Mick's - Robbe Paroli build
Diary Updates - Thanks Dave.
Grantham & district MBC added to Links page.
Update to Don's RNLI hovercraft
New Photo of the Month
Spotted in Port Louis, Mauritius.... Information received, thanks.
Model slipway AZIZ build -
Model Slipway Yorkshireman build -

Friday 24 March  2006
Andy's Ultra modern NovaTug

Spotted in Port Louis, Mauritius.... anyone know anything about her?
Here a silly way to waste a bit of time! -

Pleased don't think me rude if you sent me an email or photos and they haven't appeared or I've replied, I do read each and every email you send... except the Viagra ones...! If you were expecting a reply or hoping to see your picture, please email me me again to check I'm still alive!      Regards,   Martin ;-)

Wednesday 22 March  2006
Want to scratch build a big SMIT Tugboat? -
Part 28 & 29 of Mike Pendlebery's Lifeboat build.
Monday 20 March  2006
Harold Sailsbury - The Charles W Morgan - page correction
Friday 17 March  2006
Christian Sheppard quite outstanding collection of (self built) 'Coastal Forces' boats

Jason Pilgrim -  Completes a Robbe U.47 submarine in record time.
Two new projects from Peter Cobban
David Holmes Pictures of HMS Cardiff
Wednesday 1 March  2006
Part 28 of Mike Pendlebery's Lifeboat "king of builds!"...
....( I think it's done with some sort of miniaturising machine! )

Friday 10 March  2006
Brian's model of the 'Hunan' Footnote added

Part 27 of Mike Pendlebery's Lifeboat build
Clubs page updated
Diary Page updataed
Tuesday 7 March  2006
Brian's model of the 'Hunan'

Part 26 of Mike Pendlebery's Lifeboat build
Wolf - All at sea!
Wednesday 1 March  2006
New picture of the month

New Page for Don Brown
Monday 27 February  2006
George Harmon - Dickie Tug Conversion
Friday 24 February  2006
Jason Pilgrim's Robbe U47 build continues
Friday 17 February  2006
Adam Greenwold builds the Robbe SeaWolf
Part 25 of Mike Pendlebery's Lifeboat build
Harold Sailsbury - The Charles W Morgan
John Richardson's Freelancer II Update
George Harmon - Dickie Tug Conversion
Alan Brierly - Combat models
Larry Bulduc and Jocelyn Taylor build the Dumas Commander
Peter Bryant's mean looking Hovercraft!
Paul Cook's vicious looking Palaform  Hovercraft modification!
Update to Ian's Tsekoa
More on Burza Lifeboat.

Wednesday 15 February  2006
Part 24 of Mike Pendlebery's Lifeboat build
Here's an interesting new site
Friday 10 February  2006
Part 23 of Mike Pendlebery's Lifeboat build - Monumental!
Another shed load of great on the water pictures from Ausie Steve
London Model Engineering Exhibition   - Ally Pally
Here's an interesting new site

Friday 3 February  2006
London Model Engineering Exhibition   - Ally Pally

New picture of the month
Trying to fix the counter stats....
Here's an interesting / useful page! -

Friday 27 January  2006
Stan Reffin - Gambler Bay Aircraft carrier build

Part 21 & 22 of Mike Lifeboat build - Truly impressive build
Lynn Leach's "Cape Hazzard Lighthouse Station"

Jason Pilgrim -  invents a new word!!!... Oh and starts a Robbe U.47 build
Jörg - HMS Velox
Update from Dick Hopper - Ocean liner man!
Harold's - Charles W Morgan
Updated - USS Crocket also by Larry Bulduc & Jocelyn Taylor
Boat pictures from Keyingham steam and tractor show - Thanks Pete
Some interesting news here - Robbe are now agents for Billing Boats .....
...... and they have re-released my favourite model ever - HAPPY HUNTER!!!!!

Friday 20 January  2006
Mike Gardiner 1/24th scale Fairmile Type D - Beautiful !
Lynn Leach's "Cape Hazzard Lighthouse Station" Update
Update on Steve Middlebrook's Yorkshireman
Surry Park Model Boat Club - Melbourne, Australia
Update to John Callin's Freelance MTB
Part 19 & 20 of Mike epic 1:16 scale Lifeboat build
Mike Gardiner 1/24th scale Fairmile Type D - Beautiful !
Updated - USS Crocket also by Larry Bulduc & Jocelyn Taylor
Fantasy to Fact - Will Lockwood Hovercraft project
Ian's Model Slipway - Tsekoa
More on Burza Lifeboat
Model Engineer Exhibition at Sandown - 2005
Dumas USS Crocket also by Larry Bulduc & Jocelyn Taylor

Wednesday 18 January  2006
Lynn Leach's "Cape Hazzard Lighthouse Station"
Here's an interesting / useful page! -
Tuesday 17 January  2006
New Sales and Wants.

2006 dairy updated.
New Photo of the Month.
Wednesday 11 January  2006
Dumas USS Crocket also by Larry Bulduc & Jocelyn Taylor
2006 dairy updated


By the way, if you see your boat on this site with no commentary, please email us details. 
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